Transition to performance-based budgeting within the framework of the Reform of Regional Finance in Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast in 2006 2008 Program

The CFP implements this project in collaboration with the Centre for Economic and Finance Consulting

the CFP Team Leader of the Project - Antonina Kovalevskaya

Client: Ministry of Finance of Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast
Project duration: May 2 – December 1, 2007
Project objectives: Implementation of the budget process reform and administrative reform targeted to implement methodology of performance-based budgeting and improve government performance. The project will define (1) outcomes of public finance expenditures, (2) parameters of quality of public services, (3) transition mechanisms to switch from financing of budgetary network to financing of public services.

Project Components:

  1. Creation of a system for calculating expected demand in public services.
  2. Development of public services quality standards.
  3. Outsourcing the delivery of social services.
  4. Development of a monitoring system to monitor government performance in Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast.

Expected Project Outputs:

  1. System of calculating demand in public services created.
  2. Quality standards for public services developed.
  3. Mechanisms for outsourcing the delivery of public services established.
  4. Budgetary targeted programs developed.
  5. Monitoring of government performance system incorporated into budget process.