About CFP

Over twelve years of its existence CFP grew from a small team of experts to a prominent Russian NGO providing policy advice to governments at all levels in Russia and abroad.

Over the last decade Russia has made major progress in addressing issues of public finance management and intergovernmental fiscal relations, with CFP playing a pivotal role in that progress. CFP has been a central resource for both the legislative and executive branches of the federal government in resolving a broad range of the above-mentioned issues.

The CFP mission is to assist the governments in becoming equitable, accountable and efficient through:

  • equal access to public services
  • management of public finance on behalf and in the interest of the people
  • maintaining competitive environment in relations between government and business

The CFP’s mission contributes to USAID’s own strategic priorities, specifically that of engendering transparent and accountable governance. The Center has been translating its mission into the following achievements observed across the government system:

  • Adopting clearer rules in the area of intergovernmental fiscal relations;
  • Improved transparency and efficiency of public spending, and multi-year budgeting;
  • Performance oriented budgeting in education, healthcare, social protection and other sectors of government activities;
  • Institutionalizing the quality of public services monitoring systems;
  • Transition to program budgeting.

Owing to its high level of professionalism and unbiased position the CFP won recognition both in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by CFP personnel’s membership in quite a number advisory councils that incorporate Russian legislative and executive bodies of government and international organizations:

  • Advisory Group of the World Bank in Russia
  • Advisory Council of the International Organization "Forum of Federations”
  • Interdepartmental Working Group on Federal Relations and Local Self-Governance under the Presidential Commission for Improving Public Administration and Justice
  • Council on Local Self-Governance under the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Working Group of the State Duma to Improve Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations
  • Expert Council under the RF State Duma Committee on Federation Affairs and Regional Policy
  • Expert Council under the RF Accounts Chamber
  • Expert Council under the Government Commission on Sustainable Development of the Russian economy
  • Public Council under the RF Ministry of Regional Development

The CFP’s mission has not changed over the years. However, new development stages of countries in transition and ongoing technological progress call for new approaches to be taken to technical assistance provision. As this happens, changes are seen in mechanisms of good governance principles’ implementation