Technical assistance in transition to per capita normative-based financing of general education in Saratov oblast

Project manager: Natalia G. Tipenko

This project consists of the two components. These include:

1) development of a methodology for financing of general education

a. recommendations on policy formulation for transition to normative-based financing of general education,

b. draft regional law on such a transition;

2) development of a methodology for normative-based financing of pre-school education

a. recommendations of calculation a normative for financing pre-schools and special schools

b. draft regional law on adopting such a methodology

3) training seminar for officials of the Ministry of Education of Saratov oblast, managers of municipal finance divisions, and directors of general schools of the oblast.

The CFP publications on this theme (in Russian):

Methodological recommendations on calculating budgetary financing of general education (N. Tipenko,

Recommendations on calculating a normative for financing medium professional education ((N. Tipenko,

The CFP achievements in this area

The methodology developed by the CFP for calculating per capita normative for financing education was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of RF to all subjects of the Russian Federation to use for formulation regional budgets for general education. The CFP assisted in reviewing public expenditures for education (22 regions) and health (7 regions) and in transition to per capita normative-based financing of education.