Technical assistance in implementation of the 2nd phase of the Regional Finance Reform Program

Project Manager: Valeriy Dalin  

News: Smolensk oblast is rated the second out of eight regions participated in the 2nd phase of the Regional Finance Reform Program. Ministry of Finance of RF granted 60.7 million rubles to the Oblast from the Regional and Municipal Finance Reform Fund

By the ToR of the project of the CFP “Budget Policy” Team  assisted the Department of finance, budget and procurement of Smolensk oblast in development of the conceptual and regulative documents that are crucial for the further reforming of regional finance system in the region. This include incorporation of principles of performance-based governance on regional level, improvement in state and municipal public services provision, and increase in transparency of the system of intergovernmental transfers in the region. The developed documents include:

• Guide to annual estimation of demand for public services and consideration of this estimation in calculating expenditures for the next fiscal year,

• Operational manual for transformation of public services providers from budgetary establishments to non-governmental organizations and contractual organizations,

• Guide to development and implementation of budgetary targeted programs, development of performance indicators to correlate amounts provided to budgetary establishments with the results achieved. Incorporation of the results achieved into budget estimate (not less then in two scenarios) for the next fiscal year,

• Guide to use of the results of finance management monitoring on local level in calculating amounts of regional transfers to local budgets.

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Technical assistance in regional finance reform