Capacity building of state and municipal finance departments of Khanty-Masiysk autonomus okrug - Yugra

The CFP conducts one-week training to finance managers of the state and 106 municipal administrations of the Okrug from November 28 through December 1, 2006.

Training course developed by the CFP includes theory as well as introduction to the ‘best practices’ in public finance management in the Russian regions. In order to meet training needs of both regional and municipal audience, the CFP divided the course in two specific blocks. At the end of the course the CFP provides seminar for the main subjects of the budgetary planning (namely Department of Education and Department of Health). This seminar is devoted to the issues of preparation and submission reports on results and general directions of activity of subjects of budgetary planning (RGDA).

Training block for municipal finance managers includes the following themes:

• Legal issues of expenditure responsibilities assignment,

• Revenue sources assignment and local taxes,

• Property allocation.

• Mid-term strategy development strategy on local level and financial planning on local level,

• Purpose and role of the list of expenditure obligations in the budget process on local level,

• Debt policy of a municipality,

• Procurement policy and operation on local level,

• Implementation of budget responsibilities in education on local level,

• Practices of transformation to normative-based financing of education,

• Public health program. Budget responsibilities assignment in the health area,

• Health reform: paid services in the health establishments; performance-based budgeting.

Regional finance managers are provided with training in these areas:

• Mid-term performance-based budgeting. Best practices in RGDA preparation,

• Strategic planning and budget processes on regional and local levels,

• Public services: classification, quantitative and qualitative measurement,

• Development of the monitoring system to monitor and evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of regional budget expenditures,

• Fiscal reform and restructuring of the budgetary sector,

• Procurement policy and operation on regional level,

• Financing system transformation: from financing of budgetary establishments to financing public services.