Incorporation of performance-based budgeting mechanismsm in Social Protection, Education, Culture and Health Sectors in Lipetsk Oblast. Optimization of the managerial systems in order to improve financial sustainability of public services provision

All tasks that the CFP is to fulfill by the ToR of this project could be distributed by the followinf sections:

  1. Assistance in drafting reports on results and the main directions of activities (RRMDA) for the pilot Main Administrators of Budget (MAB).

  2. Assistance in drafting Summary RRMDA based on the RRMDAs of MABs.

  3. Public services: standards and quality.

  4. Estimation of the possibility and reasonability of changing administrative status of budgetary entities.

  5. Development of Memorandum on formats for enchancing municipal development.

  6. Improvement in financing of education and in quality of public services in education.

The CFP will develop analytical, methodological materials, recommendations and drafts regulations, and besides this, the CFP will cpnduct training seminars for the Lipetsk Oblast specialists on each of the themes listed above.

The first training seminar will take place in lipetsk in early September 2007. This seminar will cover such issues as RRMDA and legal opportunities for budgetary entities to change their juridical status.

The CFP implements similar project in Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast Transition to performance-based budgeting within the framework of the Reform of Regional Finance in Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast in 2006 2008 Program