Diagnosis of financial and managerial problems in the Vorkuta municipal budget system

Client: SeverStalGroup
Project duration: September 2007
Project Team Leader: Alexader Kovalevskiy

The CFP expert interviewed Heads of the Vorkuta Administration Departments as well as managers of the major Vorkuta business to find out the current situation with financing of social sphere as education, health, infrastructure, culture, etc., and in the area of intergovernmental fiscal relations with state and federal levels of budget. Those interviews resulted in the report where the CFP experts emphasized the most urgent issues in the system of financing public services in Vorkuta and suggested ways to optimize budget expenditures and increase efficiency of them.

Note: Vorkuta (Russian: Воркута́) is a coal mining town in the Komi Republic, Russia, situated just north of the Arctic circle in the Pechora coal basin. Its population as of the 2002 census was 84,917.