Technical assistance to the North-West regions in implementation of the local governance reform and in transition to the medium term performance budgeting

The project was completed in September 2006

Project components:

1. Reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations and local governance in Republic of Komi and Republic of Karelia

2. Strategic planning and transition to performance-based budgeting on regional level

3. Assistance to the regional governments in developing of the methodology and drafting regional regulations for regional funds for supporting municipal fiscal reform

Project deliverables:

  • Draft regional laws and operational manuals realted to intergovernmental fiscal relations in the pilot regions,

  • Draft municipal laws and operational manuals for local governance bodies in regard to the budget process,

  • Draft first budget for the pilot municipalities,

  • Training course in public finance management. Training of leaders of the pilot regions and their constituted municipalities,

  • Identification and promotion of the best practices in strategic planning,

  • Mechanisms of coordination of regional and municipal development strategies with strategies and development programs of the federal government and of other regions,

  • Action plan on introduction of performance-based budgeting in the pilot regions and pilot municipalities,

  • Inter-regional conference for all of the North-West regions

Results and Lessons learned


Antonina Kovalevskaya, Director for Development