Analytical work on indicators of effectiveness of local governments in the context of decentralization reform

Project Manager: Natalia Golovanova
Project duration: February - June 2009

The CFP will carry out the following tasks:

1. Analysis of current de facto situation:

  • Inventory of public services provided to residents in rural settlements. Defining levels of public authorities that are responsible for delivery of these services as well as the government level that actually carrying out these responsibilities.
  • Analysis of revenue base of local budgets, as well as mandates and degree of interest of local government bodies in influencing the tax base and the collection of tax and non-tax revenues. Analysis of presence and effectiveness of practicies that introduce citizen tax levying mechanisms.
  • Assesment of the transfers between regions and settlements, of how many mandates are returned from settlements to regions and the possible reasons for this, and of the quality of services at the settlement level (e.g., health, education, waste management, roads) and other related issues.

2. Creation of recommended indicators:

  • Develop list of indicators to measure the effectiveness of local governments and the quality of services at the settlement level.
  • Pilot evaluation of quality of public services using indicators developed for the pilot settlements.

3. Produce a written, joint report in coordination with Interdisciplinary Academic Centre for Social Sciences to summarize the results of the analysis carried out and recommendations to local and regional governments.