Research to support the development strategy of the city of Nalchik up to 2030

Client: Nalchik City Okrug Administration

Project Manager: Irina Perkovskaya

Project Duration: August - October 2010

The purpose of the project is to prepare a development strategy for the city okrug of Nalchik up to 2030 oriented at the implementation of rationally selected investment projects in conformity with the goals and provisions of the Development Strategy of Kabarda-Balkar Republic Up To 2030 that takes into account the national and cultural specifics of the Republic.

The package of assignments under the project includes the following:

Comprehensive strategic analysis

  • Review current city development plans and programs and their implementation progress. Review current investment projects. Systematize plans, identify missing or redundant elements. List deviations from planned development and analyze their causes.

  • Analyze city’s current competitiveness and its development barriers.

  • Review relevant international experience. Use comparative analysis to identify the most promising development areas for the city.

  • Monitor public opinion (city’s population, subjects of economic activity, civil society, business community)concerning priority development strategies.

  • Describe and classify problems of the city in an objective manner and indicate natural ways to solve them.

Develop and formalize city’s strategic development scenarios

  • Identify the key advantage of the city and describe an attractive way of life that is specific for the city’s population.

  • Define and formalize the mission, goals, objectives and main development strategies.

  • Formulate strategic alternatives with regard to the principles of sustainable development, formalize criteria for strategic choice.

  • Carry out scenario simulation within the selected alternative, formalize strategy in the context of economic, social and environmental components.

Build a portfolio of priority investment projects that require state (municipal) support

  • Develop a city’s investment map based on the analysis of sectors’ potential.

  • Identify projects whose implementation needs participation of the state. Rationalize public (municipal) support for an investment project.

  • Develop criteria and rule to prioritize prospective investment projects with state participation.

  • Develop a road map of investment projects to be implemented with state (municipal) support.

  • Develop investment passports, teasers and presentation materials for key investment projects.

  • Develop core areas for investment projects marketing. Formalize processes of interaction with investors.

Develop implementation and monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of the city’s integrated development plan

  • Draft a plan of activities to be taken by the city administration to implement the Development Strategy of the City of Nalchik up to 2030; recommend ways to set up a system of organizational and managerial decisions for the implementation of the Development Strategy.

  • Develop instruments for financing city’s development projects including regional loan guarantees, attract additional federal funds.

  • Draft long-term municipal programs to implement city’s investment projects.