Education reform project: transition to normative-based financing of education

Project manager – Natalia Tipenko  

NFPK implements the Project under the loan agreement between World Bank and the Russian Federation. This is a pilot project that aims to finalize basic elements of the strategy of modernization of education on federal and regional levels.

Objectives for the CFP involvement include:

• Methodological support to transition to the normative-based financing in the new regions (on the basis of the results received in the pilot regions),

• Training of general school managers and officials of the regional and local education departments,

• Assistance to the project participants in drafting regulations in regard to the transition to per capita normative-based financing of the educational institutions,

• Development of the recommendations for NFPK and for the Ministry of Education and Science of RF on promotion of the experience of transition to normative-based financing of education in the Russian regions with various socio-economic development levels,

• Contribution to the completion conference on summarizing of the project’s results in regard to the issues of transition to normative-based financing of education