Research for Implementation of Stage II of the Municipal Finance Reform in the City of Vladikavkaz in 2008 – 2009

Client: Finance Directorate, Administration of Local Self-government of the city of Vladikavkaz

Project Manager: Natalia Barbashova

Project Duration: August - September 2009

The purpose of the project is to implement estimates of demand for public services into the process of budget planning, shift form funding networks of budget-supported institutions to funding public services actually required by population, enhance the quality of public services, plan expenditures of subjects of budget planning on the basis of their performance, create additional conditions for expanding the revenue base of the city of Vladikavkaz and increase the quality of municipal finance management.

The package of assignments under the project includes the following:

  • review the current situation in the following areas: public services rendered by budget-supported institutions, development of departmental and long-term target programs, quality of budget planning, calculation of budget appropriations to support expenditure responsibilities of the city, credit and debt policy, tax relief, small business support, selection and monitoring of investment projects and city property management;

  • develop regulations in the areas envisaged by the Reform Program: quality standardization of стандартизация of budgetary services, procedure for turning institutions into autonomous format, settlement by H&U enterprises of accounts payable, placing municipal order for public transport services, monitoring the quality of municipal finance management;

  • adapt the current regulatory framework of Vladikavkaz to the requirements of the Reform Program;

  • advise city administration officers on the Reform Program implementation;

  • technical assistance in drafting a report on the Reform Program implementation to be submitted to the RF Ministry of Finance.