Analysis, generalization and promotion of the promising practices in (i) implementation of regional normative-based systems of financing of education, and (ii) regional teacher compensative systems

Project Manager: Natalia Tipenko  

The project aims to identify best practices in incorporation of normative per capita based principles of financing of education and in increasing teachers’ effectiveness through reforming teacher compensation systems in Russian regions. Based on the analysis of the regional experience, the CFP experts will develop recommendations on adaptation these systems to different local conditions.

The project consists of the two components. These include:

• Analysis of the results of regional experiments in implementation of the new system of financing of education based on the per capita normative, and in reforming teacher compensation system towards improvement of quality of education;
• Development of training materials and deliver training to regional finance managers and school principals.

The CFP will develop the following training materials:

• Toolkits “Modules of normative per capita based financing of general school education: Promising experience of Russian regions”, and
• “Innovative teacher compensation systems: stimulating improvement of quality of education”.
• Presentation materials and performance monitoring tests for the students of the seminars.

The results of the project will be presented at the All-Russian conference to be held in November 2006

The CFP projects in this area:

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So far the CFP has provided assistance in reforming of regional system of financing of general education to 22 Russian regions.