Work in the Anti-crisis Commission headed by Igor Shuvalov

As part of its involvement in the expert council under the Anti-crisis Commission, the CFP has prepared an expert opinion evaluating the effectiveness of anti-crisis measures taken by the RF government during the first six months of 2009 in the field of intergovernmental fiscal relations. It is pointed out that at a time when the economy really was in need of measures to stimulate aggregate demand, federal funds to support intergovernmental anti-crisis grants were allocated rather slowly. In this connection, it is recommended to amend the federal fiscal policy as follows:

  • Improve the uniformity of federal spending during the fiscal year.

  • Develop clear formula-based transparent mechanisms for allocating financial support to the RF subjects.

  • Make significant reductions of the expenditure side of budgets of all levels in 2010. Develop a set of measures to encourage (force) regions to cut their own expenditures.

At present, the CFP is working on an analytical research document “A review of fiscal policies pursued by the RF subjects in 2009”.