On December 9, 2009, Galina Kurlyandskaya took part in the first Russian Economic Congress

The congress was organized by the New Economic Association and the economy section of the Department of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The purpose of the congress was to hold a discussion on improving the status of the economic science that had deteriorated rapidly since the beginning of the world economic crisis, enhancing the quality of economic education as well as searching for optimal ways to integrate scientific research made by Russian economists into the world economic science. The congress was also to play a key role in attracting young specialists into scientific research.

The congress was attended by over 1000 economists from academic institutions, research centers, universities and colleges as well as by postgraduate and senior students. It was for the first time in the history of Russia that representatives of various scientific schools and directions gathered to take part in public debates concerning the most important questions of economic theory and practice.

Twenty-four round table conferences and over 60 workshops on current topics of the economic science were organized within the framework of the congress.

Dr. Kurlyandskaya made a presentation “Effectiveness of intergovernmental fiscal regulation policy in the Russian Federation at different stages of economic cycle” at the workshop devoted to issues of fiscal policy during and after the crisis.