The CFP specialists have prepared a course of information workshops for public and municipal employees to address the development of PPP mechanisms

The first workshops under “An Introduction into PPP Project Management” program will take place on June 23 and 23, 2010, in the cities of Nalchik and Pyatigorsk (Kabarda-Balkar Republic). The participants will include heads and specialists of regional ministries and departments of large city administrations of North Caucasus.

The course consists of four modules and includes on-the-spot workshops as well as in-between distant training. Its aim is to prepare public and municipal employees for the work with investment projects in the PPP format.

The students will learn about general principles, goals and objectives of interaction between business and government in the PPP format, about current and completed PPP projects in Russia and abroad. The participants will also draft plans of prospective projects.

The CFP plans to further expand training in this format that ensures not only the understanding of the fundamentals but the possibility of their practical application as well.