1st Quarter (January – March) 2007


The CFP and two municipalities that were selected for the Implementation of Administrative and Budget Reforms on Local Level Project agreed on timeline for the project implementation and specified the expected outputs implementation plan
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Technical Assistance to the North Caucasus Project:the CFP developed and delivered 2-week training to the selected regional consultants (two candidates from each of the eight regions of North Caucasus). The first week was dedicated to intergovernmental fiscal relations, and the next week the CFP’s experts covered issues of budget policy and budget process on local level.

The CFP began implementing Technical Assistance to the Ministry Of Finance of the Russian Federation Project During the first decade of the project the CFP submitted to the MoF drafts of the following documents:

  • Recommendations on improvement of the system intergovernmental fiscal relations in Russia for the time period from now till 2020,

  • Methodologies of calculation of equalization transfers from the federal budget to regional budgets,

  • Amendments to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation.

In addition to this the CFP’s experts estimated (1) obligations that relate to the regional budgets after the Reform of Expenditure Assignment was completed, and (2) vertical balance of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation.


Astrakhan Oblast: The CFP completed the project “Technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance of Astrakhan oblast in drafting financial plan for 2007 – 2009” in January, and in February the CFP’s experts conducted training seminar on the issues related to the mid-term plan of the regional budget expenditures.

Within the framework of the USAID/SUAL GDA Partnership Project the CFP acts in the three locations, including urban settlement of Nadvoitsy (Republic of Karelia), the city of Kamensk-Uralsk (Sverlovskaya oblast), and in municipal district of Shelekhov (Irkutsk oblast).

In the urban settlement of Nadvoitsy the CFP completed the Methodological Guide on Strengthening of Tax Base of Local Budget. The Guide targets local government of the settlement.

In the city of Kamensk-Uralsk the CFP has developed transfer models to calculate regional transfers to the city budget.

In the municipal district of Shelekhov the CFP conducted training seminar in March 2007. The seminar was dedicated to the IGFR issues on regional and local levels.

Chita oblast: the CFP implements the project on Improvement of Public Finance Management in the City of Baley and Baley District The CFP’s experts analyzed fiscal relations of the local governments between the city and the district and regional government of Chita oblast. This analysis will be instrumental when prepare recommendations on development of local revenue base.


Republic of Kazakhstan: in the 1st quarter the CFP continue working with the Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The CFP’s experts consult specialists of the Ministry on the issues related to the reform of IGFR in the Republic.

Republic of Moldova: the CFP’s expert estimated vertical balance of the budgets of all levels in the Republic on the basis of the new law “On decentralization”. Results of the estimation were used in the draft methodology on calculation of equalization transfers from the national budget to the budgets of the first and the second levels. The transfer formula suggested by the CFP was approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

Republic of Tadzhikistan: the CFP’s were invited by the World Bank to conduct training seminar for the professionals of the Republic.

Republic of Armenia: the CFP’s experts continue working in the Republic within the framework of the agreement between the CFP and the Union of Municipal Financiers of Armenia. In the 1st quarter the CFP’s experts assisted the Union on drafting law on equalization transfers.


In the 1st quarter the CFP conducted 4 one-week seminars in Leningrad oblast under the Social Budgeting ProjectMore than 100 local financiers from each of the oblast’s districts attended the seminars.


In April 17 – 20 the CFP conducts its 8th annual seminar for the Russian regions

On April 19 the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis organizes dispute “Expenditures Increase in Education: Development Catalyst or Past Preservation?” with the CFP’s expert Natalia Tipenko

On April 23 in Tomsk the CFP presents results of the project USAID Program Assistance to Russian Orphans: Estimate of Costs and Economic Effect in Long-Term Outlook