Tables and charts 4

Waking up one morning after a restless sleep , Gregor Samsa found him on his bed, turned into a terrible insect. Lying on his back pantsirnotverdoy he saw whenever he lifted his head, his brown, convex , divided arched belly scales , on top of which barely kept ready about to finally slide blanket. His numerous , poorly thin compared to the rest of the body legs swarmed helplessly before his eyes . " What happened to me ? " - He thought. It was not sleeping. His room , a real , is too small, but regular room, resting peacefully in its four familiar walls. Above the table , where the extracted samples were spread cloth - Samsa was a traveling salesman - hung the portrait , which he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and put in a beautiful gilt frame. In the portrait was displayed lady in fur hat and boa , she sat very straight and stretched spectator heavy fur muff in which her ​​hand disappeared entirely . Then look Gregor turned to the window , and cloudy - could hear banging on the tin sill raindrops - led him altogether in a sad mood. " It would be a little more sleep and forget all this nonsense " - he thought, but it was perfectly feasible, he used to sleep on his right side , and in his present state he could not accept this position. From whatever force or turning it to the right side , he invariably dumped on his back again . Closing his eyes, not to see his floundering feet he did it a hundred times and abandoned these attempts only when felt something hitherto unknown , dull and mild pain in his side. " Oh , my God, - he thought - what I chose troublesome profession ! Every day on the road . Business unrest much more than a place in the trading house , and besides , if you please endure the hardships of the road , think about train schedules , reconciled with the poor , irregular meals , fasten with more and more new people for long, is never cordial relationship. Damn it all! " He felt a slight itching at the top of the stomach , slowly moved back to the bars on the bed, the better to raise his head , found zudevshee place entirely covered , as it turned out , not clear white dots ; wanted to palpate this place one of the legs but immediately snatched it away , because even a simple touch caused him , Gregor , chills .