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My soul is illuminated unearthly joy, as these wonderful spring morning , I enjoy wholeheartedly. I'm all alone and bliss in the local edge , as if created for people like me . I am so happy , my friend, so intoxicated with a sense of peace that my art is suffering from this . No one stroke I could not do , and has never been so great artist as these minutes . When my lovely valley of steam rises and half-day sun is impenetrable thicket of dark forest , and only a rare ray slips into his inner sanctum , and I was lying in the tall grass at the fast stream and , clinging to the earth , I see all kinds of blades of grass and thousands feel like close my heart a tiny little world that warps between stalks , watching these innumerable , inscrutable species of worms and midges and feel close almighty who created us in his image , trend all loving, sudivshego us soar in eternal bliss , when my eye nebula and everything around me and sky above me are imprinted in my mind , just the image of the beloved, - then , dear friend , I am often tormented by the thought: " Oh , how to express , as if to breathe into a drawing that is so full , so vibrantly alive in me , to capture the reflection of my soul , my soul - a reflection of the eternal god !"