Preparation of an integrated investment plan for the development of monoindustrial town of Segezha (Republic of Karelia)

Client: United Nations Development Program

Project Manager: Daniil Polovinka

Project Duration: July - November 2010

The package of assignments under the project includes the following:

  • In-depth study and analysis of socio-economic situation in Segezha
  • Development of several alternative strategies for restructuring of the economy of the town and a justified choice of the most effective strategy
  • Preparation on the basis of the chosen strategy of a system (plan) of measures in order to restructure, diversify and develop the town's economy, reduce unemployment rate, provide a rational employment, address social and environmental problems
  • Preparation of well-developed and feasible key investment projects of the monotown’s development with indication of reliable sources of funding
  • Development of a management system for the IIP implementation
  • Application of effective and promising international and Russian experience of diversification and development of monotowns when justifying the development strategy of the IIP and preparing the IIP itself
  • Promotion of social dialogue and constructive discussion of the IIP with key stakeholders (federal, regional and municipal authorities, business community, civil society, etc.)