Contribution of Local Self-Governance in achievement of national priorities in socio-economic development

Client: All-Russian Council of Local Self-Governance
Project duration: August – September, 2007
Project Team Leader: Alexader Kovalevskiy

The CFP submitted the report on the results of this study; the report reflects contribution of Local Self-Governance in the following development areas:

  1. Contribution to sustainable economic growth, i. e.:

  • Activities of LSG towards increase of tax base of local budgets,

  • Drafting and implementation of socio-economic development strategies on local levels,

  • Strengthening of investment activities of LSG.

  • 2. Contribution to improvement of quality and increase of level of life, i.e.:

    • Accessibility and quality of public services on local level,

    • Efficient budget spending on local level.

    Other CFP project on local level:

    Consulting assistance in the area of local governance performance: assigned and delegated responsibilities

    Training of local self-governments of Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous okrug in intergovernmental fiscal relations

    Technical assistance to the city of Baley and to the Baley municipal district (Chita oblast) in improving public finance management

    Capacity building of state and municipal finance departments of Khanty-Masiysk autonomus okrug – Yugra

    Implementation of Administrative and Budget Reforms on Local level (in the selected municipality)