• In 2006 the CFP implemented 41 projects (counting 7 multi-year donor-funded projects). This includes 15 donor-funded projects, 6 research projects for federal agencies, and 20 regional training and consulting projects. (During past 5 years the CFP implemented about 90 projects with 56 regional projects). (Note: For this purpose the term ‘regional projects’ means those projects that the CFP implemented by the direct contracts with regions)

  • The CFP experts developed 34 analytical and methodological materials out of which 17 related to such new areas as monitoring and evaluation of government performance, development and implementation of administrative standards, transition to normative-based financing of education, and public and private policy options in the sphere of social protection.

  • The CFP delivered 18 training seminars and conducted 5 inter-regional conferences for regional / municipal professionals and representatives of local self-governments. Total number of trainees considered to be more about 2000 people. In addition, the CFP conducted 5 one-week seminars for about 300 people under the USAID project Technical assistance to the North Caucasus regions and annual April Seminar of the CFP in Moscow (with about 90 participants).

  • External activities of the CFP included assistance to finance departments of 4 NIS countries (Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, and Armenia) and training course for professionals and self-governments of Laos.


Regional projects Although majority of the regional projects remain in the area of inter-governmental fiscal relations, 2006 brought up new issues of which improvement in government performance was the biggest one. And yet, within IGFR projects there was noticeable reposition of assistance needs from federal/regional to regional/local domain. The next important matter in that line became alteration of systems of public services delivery through incorporation of adequate financing, procurement and monitoring techniques in the budget cycle.

Regional projects by themes:

Federal/regional intergovernmental fiscal relations1
Regional/federal intergovernmantal fiscal relations9
Performance-based budgeting and mid-term financial planning4
Government performance1
Normative-based financing of education3
Delivering of the complete CFP training course 2

By regions:

Far East Federal DistrictAmur oblast2
Ural Federal DistrictYamalo-Nenetsky autonomous okrug3
Khanty-Mansiisky autonomous okrug2
Sverdlovsk oblast1
Siberian Federal DistrictChita oblast2
Central Federal DistrictSmolensk oblast2
City of Moscow1
Privolzhsk Federal DistrictRep. of Mari-El1
Saratov oblast1
North-West Federal DistrictRep. of Karelia1
Sourthen Federal DistrictStavropol krai2
Astrakhan oblast1
Rep. of Kalmykiya1

Donor-funded projects The CFP implements these projects in coordination with its long-term partners as Institute for Urban Economics, Institute for the Economy in Transition Period, Institute for Public Finance Reform, Leontief Centre as well as new partners as Assistance to Russian Orphans Program and other. In doing this the CFP completed its part under 5 projects and launched another 5 projects to be completed somewhere in 2007.


Project / The CFP component in the project

Pilot regions

Completed projects

Local Government Institute (LGI, Hungary)Reform of the system of intergovernmental fiscal transfers in MoldovaMoldova
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF-Russia)Institutional analysis of financing of education, health and communal services in rural areas of Russia. Development of Score Card for rural municipalities (rayon and settlement)

Penza oblast

Perm oblast

Rep. of Adyhgeya

World BankTechnical assistance to the North-West regions in implementation of local self-government reform in transition to performance-based budgeting

Rep. of Komi

Rep. of Karelia

EBRDCreditworthiness of the city of Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk oblastArkhangelsk oblast
Public expenditures review for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya)Rep. of Sakha (Yakutiya)

2006-2007 projects

Local Government Institute (LGI, Hungary)Provision of public services in rural areasVladimir oblast
IT in budgetary process on local levelTBD
Assistance to Russian Orphans Programm (ARO)USAID Program Assistance to Russian Orphans: estimate of costs and economic effect in long-term outlookTomsk oblast
DFIDSocial budgeting. (Component #3 of SPRILO)Leningrad oblast
USAIDAdministrative and budget reforms on local level TBD


The biggest CFP’s projects to be completed in 2007 include those supported by USAID and UNDP:

USAID projects:

  • Reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations and public finance policy in Russia

  • Technical assistance to the North Caucasus regions

  • USAID/SUAL GDA partnership program

UNDP projects:

  • Technical assistance to the Russian Federation in implementation of local self-government reform

  • Analysis of federal transfers to the subjects of the Russian Federation Research

Projects for federal agencies

  • The CFP has developed methodology of per capita normative-based financing of education that Ministry of Education and Science recommended to use in all Russian regions. Federal Education Agency supported promotion and scaling up this experience in 22 regions.

  • To the Accounting Chamber the CFP submitted

    • Analysis of the intergovernmental fiscal relations in the Russian Federation and of the issues of consolidated budgets of the subjects of the Russian federation, and

    • Study of issues of stabilization and reliability of the public finance management system; development of the mechanisms of responsibility of the subjects of budgetary planning for the eventual results of the federal funds expenditures.

  • For the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade the CFP composed proposals on improving coordination mechanisms, based of performance-based budgeting, between federal and regional governments.

  • And, finally, for the Higher School of Economics the CFP prepared Methodological recommendations of evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of public procurement.